Auto Pets

Our pets in your life

We want you to be able to enjoy being a pet owner without the cost, work, and damage to furniture. Our Auto-Pets can be your best friend, without any worry of losing your pet and if your Auto-Pet is injured just send him/her in and we will fix your Auto-Pet at a fraction of the vet. Plus your Auto-Pet comes standard with a tracker and if your Auto-Pet needs to "grow-up" just send him/her in and we will send him/her back in his/her older version with the same memory and knowledge.

Your Pet, the perfect fit for you

You don't need to train your pet, but they still need to know you!
  • Tell your Auto-Pet your voice by holding the person speaking button on the starting control and speaking a few sentences to it. Your pet will get more and more used to your voice yet it is easier to start off this way.
  • To let your pet know your name and the names of other people (family or friends) hold the person name button on the starting control and speak your name into it.
  • To give your pet a name just write it on the order form, then when you have your Auto-Pet hold the pet name button on the starting control and speak your Auto-Pet's name.
  • Your pet will get used to your lifestyle but to have the perfect Auto-Pet circle either: Your pet's personality will depend on the breed although since no two pets are alike neither should your Auto-Pets
  • Training

    You can either choose to take the bad habits out or just have your Auto-Pet pre-trained.

    Not Training

    It is one of the best things of having an Auto-Pet and you don't have to worry. The hassle of training is sometimes too much for a busy person so having a pre-trained Auto-Pet helps your life a lot.


    If you have the time, and don't mind a little frustration, you might want to train your Auto-Pet. It helps build a special bond with your Auto-Pet and your Auto-Pet will learn how you tell them to do tricks or go to bed. Don't worry, if you choose to train your Auto-Pet and find it too time consuming or frustrating, you can always select the auto-train button on the starting control. But if you do choose to auto-train don't forget to check the manual to see how to tell your dog to do a trick.